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The beauty and advantages of stainless steel as a material make it the perfect choice for many sculptures and world landmarks such as the pinnacle of the Chrysler building in New York, that defines the St. Louis skyline and the Atomium monument in Brussels.


Stainless Steel’s distinctive characteristics make it the best choice for many industrial and commercial applications, making it the best possible material to manufacture high quality fixtures for the bathroom, the kitchen and the outdoors. In spite of this fact amazingly no other manufacturer before MGS used it for this purpose! It had only been used for industrial taps until 1999 when MGS produced the very first stainless steel mixer for domestic use.


Why had the industry stayed away from this noble alloy? Essentially due to the costs and technical difficulties of manufacture! In fact, stainless steel is far more costly than brass and it is also much more complex to exploit due to its hardness and far higher melting temperatures. This did not stop MGS because their goal is to offer the best possible product.





















Stainless Steel is 100% lead free…  MGS were the first European manufacturer to be certified in compliance with NSF61 Annex G. And also meets the new low leadrequirements of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act, which go into effect in January 2014.


Stainless Steel doesn’t go through chemical processes such as chroming or plating that produces polluting wastes.


Stainless Steel is easy to clean and unlike plated taps the surface will not wear away to reveal a raw material.


Stainless Steel's non-porous surface is incredibly resistant to bacteria and germs, making the most hygienic choice for your bathroom.


Stainless Steel can be machined to incredibly tight tolerances making it’s precision unmatched in the tap industry.


Stainless Steel is ideal for outdoor installations as well as indoor and even in the event of superficial oxidation, the use of specific stainless steel cleaner will restore the finish to its original state unlike nearly any other metal.


Stainless Steel products have a very very long life span, so many years from now your MGS fixtures will still be as beautiful as when you purchased them.


Stainless steel is an eco-friendly material and is also 100% recyclable and approximately 60% of its production comes from recycled material and this percentage is set to increase in the future. Another comforting eco fact is that if stainless steel should end up in a waste site it has zero effect on soil and water unlike other metals that will effect and damage their surroundings.


Unlike brass, stainless steel does not contain any lead at all

(a poisonous metal that is gradually being controlled, removed and reduced in all hygiene based environments and manufacturing due to its detrimental impact)


MGS’ production is extremely clean and eco-friendly, as they have

no plating processes included, and these processes produce

toxic wastes.


MGS is driven by: perfectionism, commitment to the highest quality, pride and passion for the product, yet unlike their competitors have never invested in mass production or sought ways to do things faster and cheaper. They proudly combine Swiss engineering and ecology standards with Italian design and continue to strive for to do things better and to be even more innovative.


MGS taps are manufactured with infinitesimal precision that ensures perfect assembly and a 100% reliable product for your home. Numerous quality controls take place during the process as you’d expect and each step is closely monitored to ensure correctness, and only when all parts are signed of as being perfect, and prior to final assembly, the parts are hand polished to either a matt or polished “shinny” finish by in house stainless steel polishers, this part of process is key and requires skill and know-how that are indigenous to the region where MGS has located its factory and that is no coincidence as MGS care about everything from the material used to the gorgeous packaging that you’ll received when your product is delivered.



MGS love to collaborate with architects and designers to create innovative products. Our custom made division allows them the freedom to creatively use their knowledge and talents by customising products that fit the personality and lifestyle of each individual homeowner. We cater to that special customer that craves a unique one of a kind product in their home.



It was 1997 when Marcello, Giulio and Stephen met on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in Northern Italy at the foot of the Alps. Marcello, a visionary Italian entrepreneur; Giulio, an ingenious industrial designer and Stephen, a dedicated Swiss manager.


Giulio proposed to his friend Marcello to enter the flourishing plumbing industry. In fact, the area surrounding Lake Maggiore although famous for its tourism, history and natural beauty, is actually a well developed industrial area that specialises in the tap manufacturing industry and, more importantly, in the stainless steel industry. Giulio, at the time, was already collaborating with local manufacturers and was therefore familiar with the related technical aspects and challenges and had a vast know-how in the field of metals.


The idea was appealing to Marcello, but his passion for unique and eco-friendly products was not enough. He wanted to create something that would be absolutely different and it had to be “the best” product available in the world and yes it had to be 100% eco-friendly.


The idea of using solid stainless steel was born.


At the time, stainless steel was used for industrial taps but it was considered too costly. Nevertheless MGS selected it because of its numerous advantages, it then came down to specific technical knowledge, employing experienced artisans and purchasing the best specialised machinery and the local long lasting tradition of manufacturing in stainless steel products proved fundamental a just a year later, the first stainless steel tap for domestic use was produced: the Unico.


Thanks to Giulio’s talent and to Stephen’s management, Marcello’s idea was an immediate success and many tap manufacturers immediately recognised it as being “the best” in the world.


Since then the product range has been greatly developed. An ample selection of kitchen taps, bath taps, showers and accessories were added and new products are constantly being developed. Just like in the very beginning, MGS continue to strive to manufacture unique products, maintain excellent quality standards, give extreme attention to ecology and produce products second to none.


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