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It was 1997 when Marcello, Giulio and Stephen met on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy at the foot of the Alps. Marcello, a visionary Italian entrepreneur; Giulio, an ingenious industrial designer and Stephen, a dedicated Swiss manager.


Giulio proposed to his friend Marcello to enter the flourishing plumbing industry. In fact, the area surrounding Lake Maggiore although famous for its tourism, history and natural beauty, is actually a well developed industrial area that specialises in the tap manufacturing industry and, more importantly, in the stainless steel industry. Giulio, at the time, was already collaborating with local manufacturers and was therefore familiar with the related technical aspects and challenges and had a vast know-how in the field of metals.


The idea was appealing to Marcello, but his passion for unique and eco-friendly products was not enough. He wanted to create something that would be absolutely different and it had to be “the best” product available in the world and yes it had to be 100% eco-friendly.


'The idea of using solid stainless steel was born.'


At the time, stainless steel was used for industrial taps but it was considered too costly. Nevertheless MGS selected it because of its numerous advantages, it then came down to specific technical knowledge, employing experienced artisans and purchasing the best specialised machinery and the local long lasting tradition of manufacturing in stainless steel products proved fundamental a just a year later, the first stainless steel tap for domestic use was produced: the Unico.


Since then the product range has been greatly developed. An ample selection of kitchen taps, bath taps, showers and accessories were added and new products are constantly being developed. Just like in the very beginning, MGS continue to strive to manufacture unique products, maintain excellent quality standards, give extreme attention to ecology and produce products second to none.


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We have proudly distributed and marketed MGS in the UK since 2009.


Working together with its sales network Grange Design has supplied MGS taps into hundreds of homes and projects from Hotels to new builds and everything in-between.


Grange started in 1991 as a manufacturer and design company, producing and selling its own products, it has now developed into a specialist distributer and exclusively represents and markets quality companies like MGS in the UK market.


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