Production –

MGS is driven by: perfectionism, commitment to the highest quality, pride and passion for the product, yet unlike their competitors have never invested in mass production or sought ways to do things faster and cheaper. They proudly combine Swiss engineering and ecology standards with Italian design and continue to strive for to do things better and to be even more innovative.


MGS taps are manufactured with infinitesimal precision that ensures perfect assembly and a 100% reliable product for your home. Numerous quality controls take place during the process as you’d expect and each step is closely monitored to ensure correctness, and only when all parts are signed of as being perfect, and prior to final assembly, the parts are hand polished to either a matt or polished “shinny” finish by in house stainless steel polishers, this part of process is key and requires skill and know-how that are indigenous to the region where MGS has located its factory and that is no coincidence as MGS care about everything from the material used to the gorgeous packaging that you’ll received when your product is delivered.